Pedofilen.se is a blog where I want to try and give my view of how it is to live with the diagnosis pedophilia (pedophilic disorder).

Through the blog I wish to provide a nuanced picture of my live and my situation as possible. I want to try to explain how I think my pedophilia has developed. Since I have not been able to manage my pedophilia, instead I have chosen to act out on it, it has resulted in me committing crimes which I have ultimately been convicted in court and sent to prison for. Therefore I would also like to give my view on how difficult it is to get help as a pedophile (in Sweden). Even though I have acknowledged my offenses, and been subject to the legal system and the prison system on several occasions, I have not gotten the help I have needed and asked for. Perhaps can the blog eventually become a part of the basis for a future debate on how society looks upon and treats pedophiles, both convicted or not. A vague hope is also that other pedophiles will realize that they are not alone, that perhaps they can come to insight about themselves, before it goes to far, as it has done for me. Perhaps might it even lead to another pedophile seeking and receiving help with his or her pedophilia, thereby preventing children to come to any harm.

I would also like to strongly point out that what I tell on this blog should not be seen as an absolute or objective truth. I am not even certain that everything I think that I remember and describe here has actually happened, but that is really not so important. The important thing is how I have experienced things, what I have felt, and still feel, about them, how they have influenced, and continue to influence, my life. What is said on the blog shall certainly not be seen as an excuse for the sexual abuse I have committed against children. This blog is simply my personal description of the process I have undergone, and still continue to undergo, with my pedophilia and how I can manage it in the best way possible.

You are very welcome to get to know me and follow me on my journey forward through this blog.
Depending on how the blog is received by others I will hopefully be able to reveal my real name soon.

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