Something to celebrate!

I can hardly believe it myself, but it is now a year since I was released from prison. I made an attempt already during the spring of 2014, but failed miserably and relapsed into crime after only ten (!) days. Therefore, it is actually quite unbelievable that it has now gone a full year without me falling back to my old habits. For sure, the past year has been filled with both highs and lows, where I previously in my life would have chosen a very destructive behavior as a coping strategy. But now I have made different choices! And I think that’s worth celebrating!

I have not done all of this on my own, but a reason for my success largely depends on my own attitude and motivation. Thanks for all the great support, especially from two very special persons who stood by me at a critical time in my life, the great support I have had from my professional network during the last year, and the probably crucial support from my newfound companion and partner, so it is with some pride that I write this post and think of it as something worth celebrating.

I hope that the past year will have laid a solid foundation within me to fall back on, if necessary. I now actually KNOW that it is possible, and that I CAN succeed.

Thanks to all of you who have made this possible! You know who you are, even though I probably do not say thank you often enough.


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