A brighter future!

The opportunity that was given to me a few months ago, the chance to prove myself at a job, now seems to have paid off. If all goes as planned I will sign an employment contract within a month, resulting in an employment starting from the new year. That is quite remarkable and something I hardly thought possible, even though it is within the time-frame I set up at the time of my release from prison a little more than a year ago. And the best part is that all cards are on the table, there are no surprises waiting around the corner. The main focus is on my well-being. It all makes me very proud, grateful and also a bit embarrassed and ashamed.

Although most people are disgusted over my previous actions, and sometimes even about me personally, there are a few people who manage to stay professional and humane enough to be able to see my needs and what is best for me and my success. That is also something I had hardly expected, even if that is exactly what I have fought for. So, considering all the help I have gotten, and still get, I sometimes feel a bit ashamed. And from time to time the shame shifts into questioning if I am really worth it all. Even if the people around me assure that all is as it should.

I really sincerely hope that others (in my situation) at some point in their life get to experience the kind of level of support that I have. It makes one grow as a human being. When I think about it like this, I only have one wish, and that is for all my previous victims to also get at least the help and support I have. If there was ever a choice between my help or theirs, I would always choose theirs!

Thanks to everyone who has stood by me so far on my journey, away from addiction and my general bad self esteem. Without your help and support I would not be where I am today! I really hope I can make the best of the opportunity that you all have given me!

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